Write an essay about higher education

As you know, an essay is a statement by the author of their own thoughts and arguments on this or that topic. Author’s subjectivism is a leading factor in the process of writing an essay. An essay is a record of the course of his thoughts and is an expression of an individual point of view, which, therefore, is his fundamental value. No need to overly try to organize your thoughts – a series of weak associations is acceptable.

And since this is an essay, it is worth considering it in more detail. The essay should be interesting in its heterogeneity of diversity. The value of the essay also lies in its informative erudition – a dialogue with other works of art, allusions, far-reaching intertextuality. The author of the essay can also afford to retreat – the greatest value of a good essay is to show your personal commitment to the subject.

Freedom of the genre, which is an essay, can be both an asset and a trap. Therefore, if you want to write an essay about higher education, you will have to clearly follow the topic. In order not to fall into creative chaos and lose communication, you should take into account the following tips.
First, after reading the topic, it is worthwhile to write down the first conclusions, lost associations, arguments or questions, even if they, apparently, are not related to this problem. If you have associations with other cultural texts, you should have them on hand to get a quote, a link if necessary. Secondly, from the collected thoughts, we should now try to build a plan — in order to select thoughts, we should offer what appears to be the most attractive, interesting, or original. To avoid chaos, it is worth looking for analogies between thoughts, which must also be in the order in which to deal with them. Well, now you can start developing applications, select relevant quotes for each one or refer to other texts. The more knowledge about accurate historical and philosophical allusions that can be remembered, the better. But this should not go beyond the clarity of your own judgments – they are most important in the essay.

In the stylistic layer of the work, in order to uncover the course of his thoughts, free, but not chaotic, it is worthwhile to take care of dividing his text into particles, separated by headings and subheadings. The essay should contain an introduction, which outlines the main issues of the work and sets out the views of the author. However, there is no need to recap – there may be something like a final reflection, although the value of the essay is to attract the reader to it.

The process of writing an essay is complex and takes a lot of time and effort, but this does not mean that it cannot be learned. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because the one who does not make a mistake does not learn something new. Try to spend a little time every day to develop the necessary skills.

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